Monday, June 24, 2024

Standing up for seniors


This general election is the most critical of our lifetime. Why? Because the New Zealand we know and love is hanging by a thread.

Things are failing everywhere, all at once. Our economy is imploding, our healthcare system is broken, and all our costs are going skywards. We need to get our values and priorities right again. We need experienced people at the helm. We need unity, not separatism. And we need to bring back common sense.

The key issues

There are five key issues to make this happen. We must reject racism and separatism, tackle the cost-of-living crisis, Improve our healthcare system and create more opportunity for our children and workers, get tougher on rising crime to keep our communities safe. And of course, we must take better care of our seniors.
The respect you deserve

In this country there are around 890,000 of us who are seniors. 890,000 of us who receive Superannuation and enjoy the shopping benefits and free travel that comes from the Gold Card.

During times of economic difficulty, when every political party has attacked seniors and changed the laws to harm your incomes, one party alone has defended you.

New Zealand First will, as we have done for 30 years, champion your cause. Like when we stopped the surtax and increased the Super payment to 66% of the median wage. Or when we first introduced the Gold Card in 2007, then added the Winter Energy Payment benefits in 2018.

Going forward, we will push for fully funded residential care, and defend Superannuation eligibility at 65, because we believe if you’ve worked hard all your life then you’ve earned the right to be looked after. That’s just what decent societies do.

Only New Zealand First has the polices, the grit, the experience, and the courage to keep the others honest. We are asking you to join us. So, please, Party Vote New Zealand First, and Let’s Take Back Our Country.

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