Sunday, June 23, 2024

Policies rooted in fairness


For too long New Zealand governments have eroded the dignity of our senior citizens who have provided a lifetime of work, taxes and support to get the current generation to where it is today. Their taxes have financed the education, healthcare and other facilities currently enjoyed by today’s working population.

When the New Nation Party was formed, approximately three years ago, the founders were determined to ensure that all policies were rooted in fairness and common sense. Against this background, setting up an infrastructure to maximize the environment for our senior citizens was the natural thing to do. This involved giving priority to health, affordable living, safety (law and order), education (for the grandchildren), and transport (safe travel).

With our relentless focus on the needs of your demographic, we have now become WIDELY known as the PARTY OF SENIOR CITIZENS and we are delighted with that nomenclature as it aligns with our early promise to give dignity back to our Seniors who have done so much to get us, and New Zealand, to where we are today.

As we pursued our quest to create a sound society for our senior communities our thoughts turned to the policies that would deliver our intent. You will see our full-page advertisement elsewhere in this magazine that gives details of each of the actions we intend to take on your behalf. Of course, with an apology for creeping into the world of politics, I must remind everybody that we cannot act unless we are in Parliament. Therefore, please use your candidate vote to elect the best person (irrespective of his/her party) who will fight for your local issues in Parliament, BUT please give your PARTY VOTE to New Nation Party so that we can build a team in Parliament to fight for you.

Lastly, we take our task so seriously, that we have allocated our Seniors Portfolio to Deputy Leader (Guy Slocum – 027 895 2909). He would love to visit you at your meetings around the Country to answer your questions and receive your feedback. Feel free to call him at any time.

Authorised by Melissa O’ Hagan, 418 Maidstone Tce, Upper Hutt

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