Monday, June 24, 2024

Labour is in it for you


I firmly believe that after a lifetime of hard work, everyone in this country deserves to retire with financial security and support. Labour’s first policy of the 2023 election campaign made a range of commitments to give New Zealanders certainty about their retirement.

I know that people are finding it tough right now, with rising costs around the world. My top priority is making sure that we take practical steps to support New Zealanders now, so they can spend more time enjoying life and less time worrying about how they can get ahead.

Under Labour, the rate of NZ Super for a couple has increased by over $325 since 2017, and we’ve introduced the Winter Energy Payment to help with heating costs. We need to keep building on this. A re-elected Labour government will protect NZ Super, keeping the age of eligibility at 65, and the Winter Energy Payment in place permanently.

National and ACT are proposing cuts to Super entitlements.

As part of our 10-point Cost of Living Plan, we’ve also taken a range of actions to reduce or remove some of the everyday costs people face. To help with health costs, we removed the $5 prescription charge to make it easier for people to access the medicines they need. This is already making a real difference, particularly for those with multiple prescriptions to fill on a regular basis.

A re-elected Labour government will also remove GST from fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. In the face of high food prices, this is a small and responsible way we can ease the pressure at the checkout.

There’s a lot at stake this election. National and ACT will push reckless policies that will cut taxes for millionaires and cut public services to pay for them. They will put New Zealander’s retirement savings at risk by cutting contributions to KiwiSaver and lifting the age of eligibility, and they will increase the cost of medicine, fruit and vegetables and more.

When times are tough, New Zealanders need a Government that provides stability and certainty. One that’s on their side and in it for them – that’s what Labour and I offer.

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