The time is now to provide a better future – for all walks of life

The Green Party believes that a good society is one that provides for everyone to thrive no matter their age or ability.

Ever since the founding of our Social Security Act in 1938, Kiwis have believed in the right for everyone to have a reasonable standard of living. We believe everyone deserves to be happy, connected, healthy and supported.

They deserve to look forward to retirement as a time to spend with precious loved ones – and not have to worry about whether they’ll be able to put food on the table, pay the bills, and heat their homes.

We can do better

New Zealand is a wealthy country, and we can provide for all walks of life.

The Green Party recognises seniors for the experience, knowledge, and wisdom they contribute to their communities.

That’s why we’ve got a plan to provide for seniors through fairer tax policy, and strengthen services of aged care workers who support them.

Let’s invest for the future today, and make New Zealand a place where our older people are supported with everything they need to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

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