Sunday, June 23, 2024

National will deliver for seniors


National deeply values New Zealand’s senior citizens and recognises the immense contribution that you have made to this wonderful country.

No matter your stage in life, nobody is immune to the effects of sky-high inflation, which is driving the cost-of-living crisis and creating more pain for Kiwis at the checkout, the fuel pump, and in their mortgages.

That is why now, more than ever, New Zealand needs strong economic management to get New Zealand out of recession, bring down the cost of living, lift incomes and afford the public services Kiwis deserve.

National will be disciplined, making every taxpayer dollar count, and will get inflation under control so that every family is better off.

And we’ll also protect the support Kiwis rely on.

National is committed to continuing the Winter Energy Payment so that older Kiwis can afford to keep warm during the colder months. We will increase Super every year and boost it with our tax relief plan, which will see a superannuitant couple get over $600 extra each year.

We will also increase spending on health every year.

We can do that because a stronger economy means New Zealand can afford the health services Kiwis deserve. We’ve announced that we’ll pay for 13 life-extending drugs to help fight cancer, as well as extending the breast cancer screening age limit from 69 to 74.

Labour removed New Zealand’s important health targets – like hospital waiting times. National will bring them back and hold ourselves accountable for reaching them.

National will restore law and order, with tougher sentences for criminals, military bootcamps for young offenders and we will crack down on the gangs that have had a soft ride under Labour.

We will lift educational achievement so that your grandchildren have every opportunity to live the lives they want, and so that New Zealand is not creating a future economic and social crisis.

New Zealand cannot afford another three years of Labour.

It’s time for change, and a party vote for National at the election on October 14 will help get New Zealand back on track.

Authorised by J de Joux, 41 Pipitea St, Wellington.

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