Sunday, June 23, 2024

Small group tours – best way to travel

Embark on an extraordinary journey with our thoughtfully crafted small group tour packages tailored just for you. Over the past 31 years, hundreds have reveled in the unparalleled experiences we offer.

From the captivating allure of D’Urville Island, where fishing and dining on fresh blue cod await, to the enchanting Stewart Island, where you’ll encounter kiwis in their natural habitat and indulge in delectable kai moana at the South Seas Hotel.

Traverse the scenic wonders of Central Otago in Autumn, witness the legendary Molesworth Station with its rich history, and relish the freedom of exploration and escapism.

Join us on our newest adventure to Golden Bay, where the secrets of this breathtaking destination unfold. Explore mountain top glacial lakes nestled within pristine beech forests, meander through the mesmerizing karst limestone rocks in a natural geological wonderland, and delve into the local history of mineral mines, shipping routes, and the resilient characters who shaped this hidden gem. Enjoy day tours to Whanganui Inlet and Cobb Valley guided by a local expert who calls this place home. Revel in a Farewell Spit Tour and an Abel Tasman boat cruise on this nature lover’s dream.

Mark your calendars for March 12-18, 2024, as our journey commences and concludes in the charming city of Nelson. Join us for a week of unparalleled exploration and discovery.

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