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From small beginnings

From humble beginnings, Hugh Weir’s passion for buses led to the birth of Weir Tours in the 1970s. Today, the family-run business boasts a fleet of 50 vehicles, with three generations continuing the legacy.

Hugh Weir started the passion for buses. He ran a school bus, and race day and picture night buses in the 1940’s and 50’s. But it was in the 1970’s that Weir Tours, as it is today, started.

Hugh’s son Clarke and his wife Margaret have grown a family business from one bus in their driveway to a fleet of 50 vehicles. Now, almost 50 years later, the passion for the bus and coach industry continues in the family as Hugh’s granddaughter and grandson, Clarke’s daughter Stacy Manktelow, and nephew Callum Chapman, have joined the business alongside Clarke.

This continuance of the family brand, along with past and present team, ensures the teamwork, family values, and loyalty that have made Weir Tours the success it is today remain as it moves forward into the future.

With school transport and minivan rentals providing a base for the company’s business, it is the coach/bus charters, tours and show excursions Weir Tours is best known for. There has also been the addition of overseas trips, and international student tours, all of which are gaining in popularity. These enhance the experience for people from all areas of the world, showing them treasures and wonderful experiences in and out of New Zealand.

Clarke and the team have driven the length and width of the country and are known to occasionally deviate from the itinerary to show clients something ‘interesting’ along the way.

Weir Tours are proud of their reputation for putting clients first in every area of their travel experience – from quality accommodation and entertainment to comfortable and safe transportation with knowledgeable and friendly guides.

During Weir Tours’ years of operation, Clarke and the team have built a fantastic rapport with not only tourist operators and accommodation providers but also clientele who are quick to become repeat customers. Their strong supplier relationships enable them to ensure everyone has a memorable experience with Weir Tours, and for all the right reasons!

Weir Tours is proud to have earned the reputation as the ‘Company That Gives the Little Extras’.


Well, there’s still much talk about the adventure to the Capital! I just want to thank you so very much for your attentiveness and excellent management of the travel. It was really wonderful how you just sorted the straggly bits and pulled it all together. All thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Thanks once again, and all the best from very happy passengers and myself.

Agnes Lehrke
New Plymouth Grey Power
Travel Club Team leader

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