Saturday, July 20, 2024

Budget 2024: Focused on essentials, delivering results

From National Party Leader - Christopher Luxon

No bells. No whistles. Just the basics done well to rebuild the economy, restore law and order, and deliver better public services. That is what I have signalled for the upcoming Budget which will be unveiled on the 30th of May.

We have listened as people have told us they are working hard but still struggling to get ahead. We want to ensure Kiwis can get through the economic rough patch. That is why we will be delivering income tax relief, aimed at middle and lower-income workers. The relief will be meaningful, but modest.

Our tax relief package will increase the take-home income of 83 percent of New Zealanders over the age of 15 and 94 percent of households.

There will be a significant funding boost for the health, education, disability services and Police. Our Budget will be focused on frontline services.

Every dollar counts. The last government spent well beyond its means and was unable to control its spending. We will ensure we are smarter and more efficient with taxpayers’ money.

Already we have reined in government spending and saved $7.5 billion by stopping go-nowhere programmes like Let’s Get Wellington Moving and Auckland Light Rail.

Our Budget will see savings through reductions in back-office costs. Recently we made a pre-Budget announcement of $1.9 billion to deliver an 810-bed extension to Waikeria, deliver new frontline staff, increase pay for Corrections staff, and extend rehabilitation programmes for prisoners on remand. We were able to identify $440 million over four years in Corrections through the Government’s savings program. This money has been reinvested in Corrections’ front line to continue keeping New Zealanders safe.

Every investment we make in the Budget will be focused on putting money where it will deliver results and redirecting existing spending to a better purpose. We know how important it is to invest in the long-term future.  We want every single Kiwi to fulfil their potential, so they have the tools they need to get ahead. We will continue working hard to be a government that delivers for all New Zealanders.

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