Saturday, July 20, 2024

Grey Power magazine ushers in a new era with a new look

Regular Grey Power magazine readers will have noticed a change in the look and feel of this issue.

“We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the members’ magazine and over the past couple of years we’ve had numerous comments from readers who have asked if we would consider moving away from the lightweight glossy paper we’ve traditionally printed on,” said Grey Power magazine publisher Alan Neben.

“Their reasons for suggesting a change have ranged from environmental sustainability concerns to difficulties in reading in certain lights on glossy paper. We’ve even had a request from one member that we change to a more combustible paper stock that would enable her to start her fire more easily.”

Finding the best option

While combustibility has certainly not been the main motivation, the publishers have been looking closely at various paper stock options over the last couple of years. Cost has also become a major consideration since world paper prices spiked dramatically over the Covid-19 period.

Recent high inflation has exacerbated the problem of increased cost of producing the magazine for members.

“This change of paper means we can now print more cost effectively and sustainably,” said Alan. “I think the results will be well received.”

Grey Power magazine editor David Porter added: “Our goal is always to communicate clearly and effectively with all members – that means keeping costs down so members are not affected financially.

“Members simply can’t afford price increases right now,” he said. “So we have an obligation to keep the cost of the magazine as affordable as possible for the Federation and its members.”

David added that he was often asked why we had advertisements in the magazine.

“My response is always the same: the advertisements enable us to produce the members’ magazine at minimal cost to members. That’s a trade-off every member I have spoken to agrees is well worth making.”

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