Monday, June 24, 2024

Grey Power magazine offers members more options

Going hand in hand with the update of the Grey Power Federation website was the launch in early 2023 of the Grey Power magazine website. This enables members to read the magazine in a digital format online, as well as accessing individual articles and columns from current and previous magazine issues.

“Although the majority of members prefer reading their printed copy of the magazine they receive in the post, a growing number have said they also like the convenience of being able to read articles on their computer desktops or mobile devices,” said Grey Power magazine editor David Porter.

“Everyone has their own preferences: some members like to know they get the most up to date member news in their email as soon as an issue is published, while others simply like to feel they are doing their part for the planet by cutting back on printed material.”

Another advantage of using the magazine website is the opportunity it offers members to search for old articles or issues of the magazine. The magazine website can be accessed by entering into your search engine. There are clickable links enabling users to switch seemlessly between the Federation’s website (as explained in the article above) and the magazine website.

Although the majority of Grey Power members are more comfortable with the familiarity and convenience of reading Grey Power magazine in the traditional printed format, many tech-savvy readers are opting for the digital version.

Publisher Alan Neben said: “We are not trying to force members to have to use technology when they may not be comfortable with it – many are frustrated by the constant push to communicate online.

“We want readers to have options,” he added.

“Our job is to make sure Grey Power communication to members is clear, effective and simple to access.”

Any Grey Power subscribers who would prefer to receive the digital only version of our quarterly magazine should contact the Grey Power head office and request this, with your email details, and the office will advise us that you wish to make the switch.

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