Saturday, July 20, 2024

Reversing skin damage is now possible at any age

It’s exciting to see Kiwi science leading the way, and cell biologist Dr Iona Weir’s Atopis range of skin care and dermatology is certainly doing just that.

A New Zealand breakthrough in skin science

Dr Weir’s globally patented Myrecil® ingredient activates a whole new cellular pathway that can reverse years of skin damage – especially here in New Zealand, where we’ve all had to deal with the effects of high UV levels on our skin.

Pam’s Story

Long time Atopis user Pam White tells her story of how Dr Weir’s invention helped her reverse years of accumulated damage.

“Growing up in the 70’s and – like all of us back then – not being overly conscious of the sun’s effects mean I ended up with damaged skin. So I wore lots of makeup to cover up these imperfections, only to find this led to unbalanced skin and acne breakouts, making matters worse!”

After years of struggle, Pam came across Atopis when she was watching a morning show on TV.

“I saw Dr Iona Weir discussing her new approach to skin science that would rejuvenate and restore your skin. She said you’ll never need to wear makeup again and this certainly piqued my attention! So I went online, researched the company and placed my first order.”
So began Pam’s journey of skin recovery.

“I use the Intensive Restore Day & Night System, along with Intensive Renewal Face oil and the Dietary Supplement. After having used this system for some time now, Iona was right: people can’t believe I’m not wearing makeup. When I ask people how old they think I’ am they always state at least 10 years younger than my actual age, which in turn leads to me talking about Atopis and pulling up the website on my phone and then sharing the link with them.

“My three daughters have all used Atopis and have found their skin tone has improved, whether it by oily with acne, or dry with dermatitis. To this day, I continue to use the Atopis skin care range and promote the benefits I have experienced with whoever I meet.”

A New Approach To Long Term Skin Health

Unlike “quick fix” skincare, Atopis is designed to reset and reactivate your own skin’s natural repair and renewal systems, bringing them back
into a healthy balance.

“There’s been a lot of emphasis in skin care on fashion, or celebrity, which is just not going to help people. In fact it’s about giving our body’s complex cellular systems, which have been around for millions of years, some respect”, says Dr Weir.

“I designed to Atopis get your skin out of the damage cycle so many women find themselves in and to reset your inbuilt biological renewal systems.

“This can be done at any age, and once that happens you get what our users call ‘The Atopis Glow’ – and you only need minimal maintenance to keep it! Some of our customers have spent a lifetime trying the most expensive skin care in the world, and are thrilled to finally find something that actually helps them.”

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