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Editor’s Note – June 2023

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Welcome to our latest issue. We are delighted to highlight that later in June this year many Grey Power representatives will be gathering in Wellington for our Annual General Meeting.

The AGM is a key element in Grey Power’s governance and in keeping us in close touch with the views of our members from around the country.

David Porter, editor

We are, in many parts of the country, still dealing with the after-effects of the recent cyclonic winds and rains that wreaked devastation upon so many of our members, friends and relatives.

As an old friend, now resident in the tropics, observed in a recent email to me, New Zealand seemed to be “a rather soggy country”. It has been.

As well, we have a nationwide poll later this year, which is sure to spawn a huge variety of completing claims as to who is best-equipped to manage the country during the next phase of political leadership.

We leave those decisions safely in the hands of readers to make up their own minds, but we can only encourage you all to give full consideration to the competing views that will be on offer when you vote.

Because of the close proximity of this year’s AGM to our current issue date, we will be covering the conference outcomes in full in our September issue.

However, we are also aiming to have a summary of key AGM outcomes available on our website next month.

Welcome to this month’s issue, in particular coverage of the efforts being made by our lobbying team in Wellington to address key member concerns, including the dire state of nursing care for older people.

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