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Editor’s Note – September 2023

As is always the case, it was a pleasure and an honour to be an observer at Grey Power’s recent Annual General Meeting in Wellington, which is the focus of much of this issue of the magazine..

David Porter, Editor

It is easy to not be fully aware of the enormous efforts made by the board, our members and their representatives around the country, in ensuring Grey Power lives up to its responsibilities and the organisation’s needs.

Our activities include not only regularly lobbying government on matters of concern to members, but also in keeping up a steady flow of information back to our membership.

As we note in this issue of Grey Power magazine, the AGM included a wide- ranging discussion of what we are achieving as an organisation. And as well, attention was drawn to the need to keep re-examining our work and ensuring that we do the best for our members.

We were also privileged to be addressed by a stellar array of key speakers who are concerned with the wellbeing of older people, including this issue’s cover story subject Retirement Commissioner Jane Wrightson.

As many of you know, being part of Grey Power isn’t always easy and this issue contains excellent feedback from the discussion at the AGM about ways we can continue to improve our organisation’s activities. Remember we all need to do our best to prepare ourselves and our friends and relatives for the transition to retirement.

Also please note that, while this issue has largely been taken up with the AGM, we always welcome your letters and comments.

And finally, a quick note on the slight changes you may notice in this issue as a result of our shift to what we anticipate will be a more effective paper stock for printing. Please see the accompanying story of page four that explains the rationale for the change.

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