Sunday, June 23, 2024

Grandeur impresses

Join the hundreds of people that have enjoyed tours with South Island Tours NZ over the past 31 years.

From D’Urville Island with fishing and dining on fresh blue cod to Stewart Island seeing kiwis in their natural habitat; from visiting the West Coast white herons in nesting season, to seeing the legendary Molesworth Station and hearing of its history, we have special small group tour packages designed with you in mind.

Our newest tour to the Canterbury Foothills and Rivers, in February this year, was a resounding success. See for yourself the grandeur of the towering Southern Alps and Canterbury braided rivers, close to the home of Mona Anderson, deep into Canterbury’s high country, Lake Coleridge, the headwaters of the Rangitata River.

We went to the legendary Mesopotamia and Erewhon Stations, we experienced farm hospitality and enjoyed tours hosted by local guides to hear the fascinating history. We enjoyed unique accommodation staying at Lake Coleridge for two nights and the fabulous Vicarage in Geraldine for three nights. This small group tour is available for February 2024.

Recent Feedback

This is the big tour without big distances: big mountains, big spaces, big skies, big rivers, big horses, big back country men and capable country women, within two hours of Christchurch. It supports the adage, “We can only get to see these things by being in an organised group”.

The tour includes two big rivers, Rakaia and Rangitata, at a time of year when they are subdued, but their capacity to flood is evident. It includes the lives of locals who are willing to share their ‘Big Country’ lives.

We learn of their lives while enjoying all the comforts one expects ‘out on the plains’, including the gourmet delights of Geraldine, along with meeting the man whose family is so much a part of Geraldine’s history, Michael Barker. – Rod Cameron, Rotorua

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