Sunday, June 23, 2024

Why can’t SuperGold card be used as primary identification?

This question has probably crossed many of your minds before. There are a few reasons why the SuperGold card is not a form of primary identification.

The intended purpose of the SuperGold card is to serve as an entitlement card for people aged over 65 to access concessions and discounts offered to eligible cardholders. The SuperGold card is sent out free of charge when the NZ Superannuation or Veterans Pension is granted.

The SuperGold card can also be used as supporting identification together with an approved form of identification such as a passport or driver’s licence.

Cardholders can request their photo be added to their SuperGold card at the AA at no cost.

This can be a useful addition, particularly for those who don’t have an alternative form of photo identification. However, this feature is not enough to make it acceptable as a form of primary identification.

Making changes to the function of the SuperGold card from an entitlement card to a primary identity card would require legislative amendments. The physical card would also need security enhancements and all existing cards would then need to be reissued. These changes would incur significant costs to the taxpayer.

An alternative option for those without valid identification (such as a driver’s licence or passport) is the Kiwi Access card. The card was designed with older people in mind, to ensure they have a reliable and secure evidence of identity. It has the appropriate security features for a primary form of identification. More information on the Kiwi Access Card is available on the website

There are currently over 5,900 SuperGold businesses represented by 10,000 outlets across the country. Cardholders can view the special offers and deals on

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