It’s clear that we’re facing big challenges in the future


We hear stories every day from people who are worried about the future. They’ve seen the impact from continual climate-related weather events. They’ve seen bills continue to rise, while megacorporations make record profits. They’re worried about our declining biodiversity, and our polluted rivers. And most of all, they’re worried we’re just not equipped to deal with these challenges.

For years, decision makers have kicked the climate can down the road. They’ve refused to look the danger in the eye, and have shirked from their responsibility to do something about it. And every year, the consequences of our inaction continue to mount. But we can rise to the challenge. We believe we can mobilise to build a safe and sustainable home for future generations to call home.

In fact, our country has mobilised before to meet severe crises. Facing the Great Depression, we mobilised to build our Social Security net; a visionary project that saved tens of thousands of people – both young and old – from grinding poverty and indignity. We set up large public works projects to employ thousands. We didn’t just accept our future, we sought out to change it.

We can do the same today. The time for action is now.

We must protect our biodiversity, and become the clean green Aotearoa we’ve always aspired to be. We must act now to fix inequality, and build a fairer economy. We must act now to cut emissions and build an Aotearoa where everyone has enough to live a good life.

Help us rise to the challenge today. Help your grandkids to grow up in a safe world.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. New Zealand needs the Green Party: we’re the only political party that has been championing loudly not only for swift action on climate, but also to rebuild our country to cope with its effects.

That’s why we’re calling on you to support the Green Party and vote Green this election.

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