Sunday, June 23, 2024

Time for a new look at cannabis?

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You may be shocked to hear that Thailand now recognizes the value of cannabis and it is no longer illegal there from June 2022.  It is well known that Thailand used to punish cannabis users and it is refreshing that logic can now prevail regarding cannabis use there.

Many governments around the world are now accepting the medicinal value of cannabis and rejecting the old views that it may be a dangerous drug.

In New Zealand we acknowledge that cannabis is a valued medicine however we have a bizzarre situation where a cannabis industry is now permitted, but it is still considered illegal and very expensive and ineffective measures are still in place due to an outdated Misuse of Drugs Act.

Are we happy to be the last country to escape the follies of cannabis criminalization?

The government of Thailand is organizing for 1 million cannabis plants to be distributed so that a cannabis industry may commence.

It should be concerning to the elderly of New Zealand that tend to suffer from ailments like anxiety and pain, that this country still holds onto old misguided ideas regarding this amazing plant that has been used for hundreds of years without a single overdose death.

Victoria Davis,
Golden Bay

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