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Issues for Rest Homes

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If you are not yet informed. I wish to advise you of the crisis occurring in rest homes in Hauraki District. This has been caused by a huge increase in rates. The rest homes have previously had their rates adjusted / adapted to the unique situation of Resthome Village (independent) living.

I live at Waihi Lifecare Retirement Rest Home, Hospital and Village. I have lived here 10 yrs and have been able to manage, with a partner, financially. After 12 months on a single pension following my partner’s passing I am struggling to keep up.

Due to a changed rate demand for $1700 extra to our ordinary rates l am seriously afraid I will lose my home here.

With no family support where do I go? Is this home no longer affordable for pensioners without assets and without family? There are 25 units in this Village who each have to pay full rates of $1700 for the occasional use of one small outbuilding. A rebate of $700 for those who qualify still leaves $1,300 to pay.

I believe this type of financial abuse of pensioners could lead to the situation of many being ‘shut out’. Please be aware, I can’t afford these new rates at such a cost.

Where do I go?

Vivienne Harper

RVA responds:

It isn’t clear whether the whether the writer is in a rest home or the retirement village section of Waihi Lifecare. If it’s the latter, then yes, her agreement would allow the operator to increase fees in line with various costs.

However, if the cost increases are unaffordable for a resident, they should have a chat to the operator to see whether there’s a solution.

Some operators, for example, are prepared to accrue the extra cost against the capital sum they hold for repayment when the resident leaves the village.

Of course, living in your own home or renting somewhere, still exposes one to these cost increases, unless you’re in a village with fixed weekly fees. Thanks.

John Collyns, Executive Director, Retirement Villages Association

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