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Investigate – Trust May Harm

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At the end of February the NZ Citizen’s data base listed 387 people having died briefly after Covid-19 vaccination. Medsafe mentions 158 deaths in its report of 31 March as well as 61,264 injuries.

Hopefully you, reader are part of the majority of people that were not in these groups if you are vaccinated. With 95 percent of the population at least double vaccinated we still get daily reports of many thousands of new Covid-19 infections. As to transmission: recently here in Te Aroha after an event a Covid infection spread like a wildfire. Experience shows very clearly that the Pfizer vaccination is not ‘safe and effective’.

The safety tests, already planned for a too short duration became again less meaningful when many people in the so called ‘control group’ got vaccinated.

Scientific studies published by independent scientists showed already a year ago that blood clotting could occur with consequently damage in organs; in particular the heart comes at risk because it can get overstressed. The number of people coming into hospital with heart problems and strokes has vastly increased. Weakened natural immunity caused by the jab can lead to for instance dormant cancers flaring up.

Documentation which Pfizer had to make public after a court case recently show that Pfizer knew about these adverse effects right from the start of the vaccination campaign.

I find it hard to accept that media and health authorities nevertheless keep promoting the Covid jab. Many people make the decision to get jabbed in good trust.

If you value your health and wellbeing, you can take on to do your own research, strenuous and time consuming as it may be. Inform yourself broadly, not quickly deterred by warnings about misinformation presented by entities that claim that they represent objectivity and responsibility. Judge for yourself.

Try various search engines. The NZDSOS website (New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science) and Canadian Covid Care Alliance give references to many studies and information which complements or criticises the Ministry of Health info.

Investigate. Trust may harm.

Peter Volker

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