Saturday, July 20, 2024

Contents Of The Tube

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I am really fed up (and cheated, actually) when buying products offered in a tube, including toothpaste, – only to find an air bubble in the tubing while dispensing the contents.

It has even happened with ORACORT – which is a very, very small tube in the first place, and that bubble of air (of nothingness) makes the active ingredient I need even more expensive to buy. My mouth develops ulcers if I eat certain fruits, so ORACORT has been a very effective treatment for me.

…and before you say, “You should see a doctor (about mouth lesions)”, “have you tried to see a doctor lately?”

This suggestion is on health foods, supplements, and many tubes of creams to be applied heaven-knows-where. Always with the caveat, “If in doubt…” or, “If you are allergic to… see your health professional (by which is meant Doctor).” Well, have you tried to “see a Doctor” lately?

It’s nearly impossible… and you have to tell your life story, or be “triaged” by a second or third party before you see any elusive doctor. They are becoming a rare breed if the newspapers are correct.

What’s more, you have to alert their office, and come with a list, if you are expecting an appointment longer than 15 minutes! AND alert the girl at the desk, so she can charge you in multiples accordingly. All of which makes ‘privacy’ and ‘confidentiality’ redundant words in the health system.

How can any Doctor get to know you, and apply accurate diagnoses, if you are rushed in and out in a limited time? With both parties watching the clock?

Jo Murphy, Waikanae

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