Sunday, June 23, 2024

The summer discussion


At EAT we produce fresh, delicious, wholesome meals. Our meals are purchased for daily sustenance or as gifts for family and friends.

They are bought by a wide range of customers: people that can’t cook; people that can cook but won’t cook; people who forget to cook; older customers; younger customers; young adults starting university; new parents exhausted by their new arrival; families renovating their homes; people who are unwell or have limited movement and can’t spend hours in the kitchen; people who live on their own, where making a roast or a casserole-for-one is more effort than it’s worth and generates unaffordable waste; busy professionals; husbands with wives on holidays, or wives with husbands on holidays; people visiting family in hospital; and people who outsource as many jobs from their life as possible, for a less exhausting existence.

You may think that winter would be our busy period… days are short and the weather is cold … what better than a delicious casserole and steamed pudding to snuggle down with!

However, it is actually post-Christmas when new customers generally find us.

It is after the holiday break, when people have been relaxing and catching up with each other. This is when they discuss the health and wellbeing of their families or talk about how busy and time-poor they are; how exhausted they are in the evening … too exhausted to cook.

Then, come February, our next cohort of fabulous customers start making their enquires on the back of recommendations from friends and family. Whether it’s a concern that mum or dad isn’t eating well, or after discussing the economics of making meals in a cost-of-living-crisis; EAT gets the nod as the nutritious and affordable solution.

A few weeks ago I was helping a family organise some meals for their mum because they were concerned that she may not be eating well… they didn’t know this for sure, but the fridge never had much in it.

They decided to put three meals in her fridge each week and then see if they were still there at the end of the week. They had previously bought frozen meals from the supermarket, but these just sat in the freezer, untouched.

This is often the case with frozen meals … they have a long expiry, but are often not very appealing and you forget they are there!

However, meals in the fridge are ready to go … they need to be eaten within a week, but you are reminded they are there several times a day, when you open your fridge.

The first week’s meals arrived; they were put in the fridge and, when the family checked a few days later, the meals were gone. The feedback from their mother was that they were delicious and mum could barely wait to see what was to come next week.

The same family also told me that they were referred by a friend who is a carer who visits the houses of a variety of clients, to help prepare meals … of all the meal brands she plates up for her clients, she recommended EAT.

She said “go with EAT. The food looks, good, smells good, I can tell what each component on the plate is (there are some dinners where you can not) and the plate always comes back clean. They are honestly the best!”

And so it starts… If you haven’t tried EAT yet, perhaps make it your New Year’s resolution!
EAT make nine delicious, fresh, ready-to-heat-and-eat meals, three soups and a selection of desserts and baking for weekly delivery nationwide.

Our menu changes each week. There are no subscriptions and no minimum order (delivery fees apply). Visit or call one of the lovely ladies in the office (yes, a real person) on 0800 328 333 to order … then get EATing!

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