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Natural arthritis aid and circulation booster

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Exercise while sitting watching TV or reading. Affordable, effective and so easy.

Twelve years ago when a lady from Te Horo devised a means of relieving her husband’s severe arthritic pain, stiff joints and swollen ankles, she didn’t anticipate the demand for her Aircycle.

The inflatable cushion, shaped like a pair of feet, allowed her husband to exercise his ankle, knee and hip joints, lower back, wrists, fingers, arms and shoulders while sitting. It was so effective an arthritis educator requested more be made for other sufferers. Word spread and now it’s used by thousands of people here and overseas.

The gentle exercises not only help aching joints but hugely improve circulation in legs, feet and hands. Users report swollen ankles, night cramps and restless legs greatly improved. Diabetes related problems are eased. Leg muscles are strengthened and balance improved helping users to walk further with greater confidence.

Those who derive the greatest benefit from the Aircycle use it several times a day:

  • “Aircycle is even better than the information says. The pain in my knees has gone and although I use a walker I don’t need it around the house any- more. I can move more freely and have much less pain in both my hands and feet. My feet are warmer too and now I don’t need bed socks which I’ve worn for years” – Gay, Rotorua.
  • “After using for only four days my uncle’s swollen ankles disappeared before his eyes.” – Susan, Cambridge.

Aircycle is made in NZ, registered with Medsafe and has a lifetime warranty.

Visit to see it demonstrated and read testimonials from health professionals and people whose lives have been changed as a result of regular use.

Order on line or call Sue in Levin on 0800 141415. Also available at your nearest disability centre. See advert below.

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