Sunday, June 23, 2024

ACC launches free Nymbl app

KEEP doing what you love with ACC’s free digital balance app, Nymbl.

ACC has launched Nymbl: a free balance training and education app that is available for anyone over the age of 50 to download and apply to their daily life. There are already over 40,000 users in New Zealand – choosing to prioritise balance in an easy way.

Being in control of your health and wellbeing is crucial for living a fulfilling life. Nymbl’s balance programme is tailored to your abilities to give you total control over your health journey. And 90% of Nymbl users report they have maintained or increased doing other activities they love since using Nymbl.

Nymbl uses a novel dual tasking approach that’s scientifically proven to improve balance. In each session, you’ll play fun brain games while performing simple exercises that you already do everyday. That means working on your health never feels like ‘work.’
With Nymbl, balance training is completely on your schedule. You can do Nymbl wherever you are, whenever you want – no assistance or equipment (besides a phone or tablet) required.

It’s also easy to fit into your daily routine – taking only 10 minutes per day. In fact, just completing four Nymbl training sessions in-app can lead to meaningful balance improvements.

Whether you want to improve or maintain your balance, Nymbl can empower you to achieve your health goals. Plus, the programme is fun, safe, and built just for you.

The Nymbl app is completely free and simple to use. Enrolling is easy – just search for the Nymbl app in your phone or tablet’s app store or head to to learn more.

Once you’ve enrolled, the programme will be personalised to your lifestyle and needs. Join the Nymbl community today in making strides to a more confident life.

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