Saturday, July 20, 2024

Note from the Editor

It is with great sadness that I join the chorus of well-wishers paying tribute to Jan Pentecost’s unexpectedly early departure from the presidency of the Federation.

Jan Pentecost

I understand there has been a flood of calls and emails acknowledging her departure and paying tribute to her long service on the board, and latterly as President.

As is clear from the comments made by several of the key figures she has interacted with in government and the community, Jan has performed her duties to a very high standard on behalf of Grey Power. It is only fitting that at this stage of her life and career she has decided to devote more time to attending to members of her family who also require her close attention.

I have been privileged to be associated with Grey Power Federation as editor of the national magazine for a number of years, including throughout Jan’s tenure as President. It has always been a pleasure working with her. She has invariably been timely in her response to my queries, excellent in meeting editorial deadlines, and a pleasure to deal with.

As noted in the story on P8, we are fortunate to have two strong contenders put their names forward for the presidency – Gayle Chambers and Ray Mudford – as well as being able to reappoint Lew Findlay, the sole contender for Treasurer, a role in which he has done an exemplary job to date.

I have learned through my association with members of Grey Power and attendance at its Annual General Meetings (AGMs) that Grey Power is made up of a wide variety of very concerned and community-minded people. They are committed to helping improve the conditions and lives of older members of our society.

I wish the candidates for the job the best and urge members to consider well and make their votes for new president count.

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