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Note from the Editor – November 2022

David Porter, Editor


As we approach Christmas, it is a great pleasure to welcome readers to our final issue for this year and wish you all the best for the coming festive season.

This is, for me, also a good time to thank readers for their support to the magazine and to the Grey Power Federation throughout the year and to assure you that we love receiving correspondence and comments from you.

We do our best to always make sure the magazine is of interest and use to readers, but we understand that we are speaking to a large audience with a variety of interests. Again, we very much welcome your letters, queries and suggestions.

As I mentioned in my previous editorial, I appreciated being able to observe the most recent Annual General Meeting in Wellington, and was stimulated by the variety of views being expressed during the various debates.

Partly in response to being able to listen to the discussion, we expect to have an update in the next issue on the state of play regarding older person’s driving licences. This came up during the debates and has been the subject of much discussion.

It is clearly an issue over which many of our older readers feel they are being discriminated against, and where there is some inconsistency in the application of the rules around the country.

We appreciate that this is a complex issue and also involves the medical profession. We look forward to hearing more in the next issue on how Grey Power’s efforts to improve the situation for members is developing.

I don’t think any of us can underestimate the importance of possessing a valid driving licence in terms of both ID and simply the continued ability of members to get out and about and exercise their freedoms.

Thank you all for your interest and support for the magazine. As noted, we welcome your letters and suggestions.

Happy Christmas.

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