Capitalising on demographic trends for consistent returns in NZ’s thriving senior living sector


Senior living delivers steadily rising income returns to investors. Senior Trust Income Generator announces rate increase to 8%*pa pre-tax (*From 1 April 2024)

Investors are confronted by hard decisions in these uncertain times. One thing is certain all those living are ageing! The good news for the senior living investment sector, is that according to Statistics New Zealand, the baby boomer demographic is forecast to increase, along with life expectancy.

The industry is New Zealand’s largest supplier of new dwellings. Seniors aged 75+ opting to live in these communities, has almost doubled – up from 8% to 14%, since 2008. Further population growth in this demographic, should result in increased development activity as the sector caters for this additional demand.

Senior Trust Income Generator, a specialist funder of premium senior living communities, has capitalised on this demographic surge of New Zealanders entering their senior years for the benefit of their investors. Senior Trust can point to a strong track record of delivering consistent, attractive income returns.

Lending is approved to senior living communities and aged care facilities who meet their criteria. They must be experienced operators with a substantial financial commitment, to a maximum 75% of an independent valuation. Protection of investor return is paramount, all loans are backed by mortgage security – tangible bricks and mortar. Lending creates a flow of interest revenue, which is passed on as quarterly income distributions to investors. Senior Trust is also a PIE which some investors find beneficial.

The Management Team has a long and successful history of providing investors with steady returns and stability of capital. With the senior living sector as their sole focus, the team has specialist expertise and long-established networks in the sector – having delivered a number of retail offerings spanning twenty years. With a strong, sustainably growing team and a clear focus, they look to continue to build on the opportunities this sector presents, to deliver on behalf of their investors.

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Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Limited – Specialist funder of premium senior living communities that deliver attractive, solid returns – while helping create quality places to live. Building wealth and wellbeing, to help Kiwis live more comfortable lives.

When investing, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Note that the definition of “Retirement Village” used in the PDS is wider than a village which is registered under the Retirement Villages Act and includes other types of residential accommodation for persons above a defined age. A minimum subscription of $1,000 applies. Applications will only be received on the application form supplied with the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator Limited is the issuer of the products. The Product Disclosure Statement for the offer is available and can be obtained at

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