Saturday, July 20, 2024

Tribute to Grey Power Tauranga and Zone 3

By Rudi du Plooy – President Hamilton Grey Power, on behalf of our Executive and members

In 2022, Hamilton Grey Power Inc was put on life support and arrangements were afoot to scuttle this Association for good. The thinking was that Tauranga Western Bay of Plenty would take over the total administration of the Hamilton Association. Just before it was about to be buried forever, I was present at the fateful AGM held on 2 May 2022 which wanted to amalgamate with Tauranga Western Bay of Plenty. At the time, I was the only person who voted against the motion for the proposed amalgamation.

There was the clear and decisive leadership from the Federation President, Jan Pentecost, who intervened and set the wheels in motion to breathe new life into this desperate situation.

Our Zone 3 committee also stood by us when we started the process to elect a new committee for Hamilton.

Special thanks to Gerald Hanson, Zone Director and David Marshal VP for Tauranga, who was our Zone 3 representative at the time.

If there was a medal that could be awarded for exceptional service to further the cause of Grey Power, such a medal would certainly go to the Tauranga Association under the leadership of their President, Jennifer Custins.

They gallantly stepped in to take the administrative duties of the Hamilton Association on board. Hamilton Grey Power recognises the efforts of Jennifer and Donna and others who were involved in helping and caring for our members.

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