Monday, June 24, 2024

Review: Seeing the unseen


Too often caregivers of children with challenging behaviours feel that the solution to the problem lies outside of them. Yet the publishers of new book on the subject Seeing the Unseen says the author, Felicia Stewart, argues that we all bring past wounding into our relationships.

Drawing on the latest research from both scientific fields and healing modalities, Seeing the Unseen encourages caregivers to recognise how adverse experiences and trauma in childhood lives with them, resulting in whole body dysfunction—activating harmful stress responses that keep them stuck engaging in patterns of behaviour.

Unless addressed, these self-sabotaging behaviours can significantly impact vulnerable children in their care. In extreme cases, this can lead to burnout or ‘blocked care’.

While this workbook is written for caregivers of adopted or fostered children, it may appeal to broader audiences such as kinship providers, stepparents, life coaches, family therapists, and social workers.

In Seeing the Unseen, caregivers are invited to journey through 10 steps that will forever change the lens with which they view themselves and their loved ones, resulting in a more balanced and joyful home environment, the publisher says.

The author is a former PR executive and travel writer who found herself in a distorted parenting space following the adoption of a toddler in 2005.

For 16 years she has been on a journey to understand the challenging behaviours that she faced each day; studying under the trauma masters, Peter Levine, Diane Poole Heller, Janina Fisher, Bruce Perry, and many other experts in the field.

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