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Bookworks – A mixed bag to while away the spring hours

The Spanish Garden

In his garden overlooking the Kaipara Harbour, Sidney King prepares to mark his one hundredth birthday. Set on a single day in 2016, this multi-generational novel explores the fatal history of two families, Pakeha and Maori. Sidney is on the brink of solving a mystery that has haunted him since he fought in the Spanish Civil War in a tale of memory, how it serves and deceives us.

Cliff Taylor: The Spanish Garden | RRP $37.50 | Quentin Wilson Publishing


The Girl with the Red Hair

No ordinary girl, Hannie Schaft refused to bow her head to oppression, as this page-turner confirms. Based on the true story of a young woman who became a freedom fighter with the Dutch Resistance during the Second World War, this book provides a unique perspective on war and its impact on civilians. Ideal for history buffs as well as fans of historical fiction, this story takes readers through Hannie’s harrowing experiences.

Buzzy Jackson: The Girl with the Red Hair | RRP $37 | Michael Joseph


From There to Here

Renowned author and columnist, Joe Bennett, charts the first 30 years of his life in this book, the first volume of his memoirs. Known for his irreverent wit, Joe presents a humorous account covering his early years, while growing up in the UK, and then on to finding his feet (as well as his unique voice) here in New Zealand.

Joe Bennett: From There to Here | RRP $39.99 | HarperCollins NZ


The Survivor

ANZAC Day is a time to remember those who gave so much in conflicts, but we should also never forget the trials of civilians caught up in war either. The last surviving member of his family, Josef did not return to his pre-war life once liberated following the Holocaust; instead, he set about bringing his tormentors to justice, as this riveting true story reveals. A tale of courage and dedication, this book delivers a poignant reminder of the horrors of war.

Josef Lewkowicz: The Survivor | RRP $40 | Bantam Press


From the Pilot’s Seat

The ‘jet set’ goes into overdrive in this ripping read. Based on interviews with more than 20 Kiwi pilots, this book charts challenges, thrills and near misses experienced during adventures on the up and up in the wild blue yonder. Including gliders, top dressers, helicopters and even the famous F-18 fighter, this book features many magnificent flying machines flown by daring aviators.

Fletcher McKenzie: From the Pilot’s Seat | RRP $40 | Penguin


Southern Celts

Many Kiwis foster strong and enduring connections to family origins in Ireland and Scotland, as this book reveals. Drawing on her own family experience and various case studies, Celine Kearney traces how deep our Celtic roots run, touring the country to tell the stories of New Zealanders with cultural ties crossing hemispheres and generations.

Celine Kearney: Southern Celts – Stories from People of Irish and Scottish Descent in Aotearoa | RRP $40 | Mary Egan Publishing


Great Stories of NZ Conservation

While people are the villains in this story, we can also become its heroes. In this book, Alan Froggatt celebrates those who have strived to protect and conserve native plants and animals from introduced pests and predators as well as from our own impacts on the environment.

Alan Froggatt: Great Stories of New Zealand Conservation | RRP $39.99 | White Cloud Books

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