Sunday, June 23, 2024

Can retirement villages assist healthy ageing?


One of the conundrums of healthy ageing is the assumption that your current home is the best place to stay, if you’re able. However, the reality is that many homes aren’t adequate environments for healthy ageing. Loneliness is also one of the most commonly reported issues for retirees living in their own homes.

Social norms are changing too. Attitudes around stoically staying put, because “your house is your castle” are changing. Over recent years, it’s become more acceptable in New Zealand to talk about wellbeing and mental health. And as that openness increases, more and more retirees may find themselves having conversations about where the healthiest place to live really is.

A sense of purpose is also a key factor. Whether it’s gardening or playing bowls, people who maintain hobbies and interests tend to live more fulfilling lives in retirement.

That’s where the true benefits of retirement villages come into play. They’re designed to support healthy ageing by providing safe and secure living, strong social connections, and plenty of ways to stay both mentally and physically active. Prospective residents should shop around for a vibrant retirement village community that provides regular opportunities for residents to interact and stay healthy.

Retirement village operators are increasingly aware of the issue of healthy ageing and are investing in wellbeing centres, social facilities and spaces for active living and exercise.

As changing social factors and the understanding of healthy ageing converge, demand for quality retirement village properties grows, says John Jackson, Executive Director of Senior Trust Retirement Village Income Generator. After 22 years involvement with retirement sector investment, John has seen village operators focusing more and more on providing the right support for healthy ageing among their residents. It’s sound business — healthier, happier residents will be there for the long term.

The leading villages are focused on addressing social isolation, security, and providing residents with the lifestyle they enjoy. Senior Trust focuses on this segment of the retirement industry by supporting and funding experienced, capable retirement village operators who deliver high quality retirement villages at the premium end of the market.

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