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What’s on your bucket list?

By Alison Beer - Sponsored Content

After the most fabulous wedding, Dave and I set off on our honeymoon.

Grandparents were at the ready to look after our children (both the two-legged and four-legged kind). We were thinking of heading for the beaches of Fiji, but the reality would surely have been Dave packing a bag each day and heading off snorkelling, whilst I would have been pool-side with my phone and cocktail in hand, with regular plates of nibbles arriving at my side (it’s surely cocktail hour somewhere in the world, right?).

We would have met for dinner each night and I would have received a detailed account of the local sea life, while Dave would have received an account of my favourite cocktails on the menu, not really making the most of this rare quality time without children.

Sometime ago, in a de-cluttering mission, I stumbled across an old ‘Bucket List’ Dave had written. I have never written a ‘bucket list’ so I was amused to see what he had wanted to achieve before he met me!

Along with things like ‘owning his own trailer’ (he now has a ute), ‘Big screen TV’ (tick), Chaise longue?!?? (not even he can explain this), there were also places to visit.

Seeing lava on Big Island and visiting Kauai in Hawaii (tick), walking on the Great wall of China (tick), climbing Kilimanjaro (No…), and seeing Angkor Wat!

“Let’s ditch an island getaway and have an adventure,” I said. “We can tick something off your bucket list.”

Unfortunately, Kilimanjaro was lacking a shopping precinct and we were lacking the fitness, so that left Angkor Wat as being the most appealing. I love that part of South-East Asia – the culture, the people, the food and, generally, it’s pretty cheap.

Honeymoon booked and off we jetted to Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Dave had done some research and I had watched a travel show, but we had no real plan, except to plan each day as it comes – it was an adventure!

Out of pure love for my husband, I committed to seeing about seven temples and, out of pure love for me, he committed to seeing several markets and together we did a Cambodian cooking class, went to an animal rescue sanctuary and did lots of eating.

On International Women’s Day, I was surprised to see it was a public holiday. There was a big free concert and lots of advertising surrounding the day, yet all conversations with hotel staff, drivers, restaurant staff and the like, were
always directed to Dave.

I made a comment to Dave that I was largely ignored when I spoke in Cambodia … he said “really, I hadn’t noticed that!” (Oh, the irony).

We then took off to see temple 1, 2, and 3 with our driver. At the end of a full day walking in 35-degree heat, we were warmly welcomed back into the air-conditioned vehicle with a wet, cold, scented towel; Dave was offered an ice-cold can of beer and a bottle of water – I was given JUST the water!

I raised my water and said “here’s to International Women’s Day,” in a somewhat sarcastic tone and with an eyebrow raised. Dave laughed and raised his beer. He has noticed now!

Angkor Wat was incredible. Cambodia was lovely, and we will be back to see more of it. Whilst life is hard for most people there and their history is pretty horrific, the people are beautiful. They have their faith, and whilst the people have very little, they are content. Our driver said, “if you think happy, you will be happy.”

His response filled my heart… but my head thought “Hmm, you clearly have never been on hold for two hours with ACC or IRD!”

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