Saturday, July 20, 2024

New book SeniorITy guide to explaining tech available online

A new book by Lucia Dore and Carole Railton offers older people grappling with high tech an opportunity to feel more comfortable with its demands.

They are the authors of SeniorITy – How AI and tech can enhance senior living.

The essential question they pose is, do some older members of the community feel frustrated and left behind as every aspect of daily life – from banking and shopping to health and communication – becomes increasingly dependent on technology, the internet, and artificial intelligence (AI)?

SeniorITy aims to empowers people as they age, and those hesitant to engage with new technologies, by exploring the positives of becoming knowledgeable and fully connected online. Accepting technological advances can help you live a long, healthy, and more rewarding life, the authors say.

The book aims to allow readers to learn how to:

  • Understand why you find it difficult to engage with the digital world
  • Overcome frustration with the technology necessary for everyday life
  • Make decisions about the best tech options for you
  • Protect yourself and your data online
  • Embrace digital advances that can increase independence and quality of life

The book offers to give readers the latest on the interaction between seniors and technology, and is available online.

SeniorITy reached number 10 in the Silver Surfers book list in the UK just after going live.

An amazon link is provided below.

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