Sunday, June 23, 2024

Worthwhile to cast a vote?

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Democracy as is does not work. What is needed to create a society where our opinions are taken seriously and overarching decisions are made in our interest?

Reasons spring to mind:

  • MP’s are told by the party hierarchy how to vote.
  • When MP’s need to remain in step with directives from the hierarchy above, there will be no room for them to vote on what they consider good in the general interest.
  • Main party hierarchies have too many ties to businesses / institutions
  • Party vote instructions are not discussed with the public; they are set in ‘confidential’ (secret) discussions. (Suggested viewing: search ‘Jodie Bruning vaccine legislation’)


Break the connections with powerful and influential large institutions, which do in fact rule us:

  • Multinational companies with powers anchored in Free Trade Agreements.
  • World ruling organisations which hold up the appearance that they work for man’s wellbeing (United Nations, World Health Organisation, World Economic Forum), but undermine our independence
  • A Government which tries to keep us convinced that it acts democratically.
  • Forbid compulsory party votes.

None of the main political parties wants to get independent. None has announced to restore respect for the Bill of Rights, so severely violated recently. Did voters ask to be immersed in excessive ideology? Is our voting anything more than keeping up a democratic face for NZ?

New parties, which value our nation’s independence are a possible choice. If many voters dare to trust that a government without our main parties can be established, we could see minor parties becoming major.

Peter Volker
Te Aroha

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